Steph Huang

A Great Increase In Business Is On Its Way, 2022

Limited edition print run of 350, 136pp,
13.5 x 20 x 7 cm


This publication comprises over a hundred 35mm photographs taken in various local markets worldwide. These are the trigger points for a series of new works showing in Goldsmiths CCA and an attempt to examine something of the lives of modern human beings.

The book also includes insights of Fuchsia Dunlop, Yvonne Maxwell, Emma McCormick-Goodhart, Alex Rhys Taylor, Junya Yamasaki, tracing globalisation and its trade routes, traversing Sichuan peppers to Californian seafood and encompassing tales of survival, resistance and growth.



Escape from Where We Are, 2021

Prawns & Pigs, 2019

The Ashtray Show West, 2019 

A black and white poster with a cinermatic image of cigarette burn holes on an old armchair is printed over with The Ashtray Show West in mottled white text. Ninety-two ashtrays are lined up on shelves spreading into the floor. Some are from personal collections or bespoke pieces, sentimental, symbolic, rude or idiosyncratic, displayed opposite a collection of delicate jewelry. Both ashtrays and jewelry are universally recognisable forms of adornment that connect to notions of monopoly, materiality and trade.

Ashtray have served as a local point for watching smoking plumes diffuse, looking into the distance, giancing at co-smokers and thinking little.  

“We can move our hand across the table and we can move the ashtray. But we cannot move our hand through the tabletop, or across the spot on which the ashtray stands, without moving the ashtray. To putit differently, our possibilities of action are limited.”

From Material Objects by W.D. Joske

Artist Edition of 100 Artist Edition of 100 GBP 15