Steph Huang

An art practitioner based in London, who experiments across media from sculpture, photography, moving image, sound to publication.

2022   Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2022, Hull, UK
2022   A Great Increase In Business Is On Its Way, Goldsmiths CCA
2022   Salón ACME No. 9
⁠, Mexico, Mexico CIty
2022   Everything and Nothing, Mother's tankstation, LDN
2021    Beuys Open Source, Belmacz, LDN
2021    Platform Asia x Arts Catalyst Residency, Sheffield, UK
2021    Displace, Bloc Projects, Sheffield, UK
2021    SupaStore Southside, Slingbacks and Sunshine, SLG
2021    MA Sculpture 2021: Proxy, Cromwell Place, LDN
2020   36th Annual Open Exhibition, SPG, LDN
2020   Scout, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Ketting, DK
2020   ING Discerning Eye Exhibition, LDN
2020   I Missed My Prozac Dose, Filet, LON
2020   I Never Promised You a Wonderland, LDN
2020   SupaStore, Nida Art Colony of Vilnius Academy, LT
2020   Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad, Peak Gallery, LDN
2020   Fresh Legs, Galleri Heike Arndt DK, Berlin, GR
2020   Gilbert Bayes Trust Scholarship, LDN
2019   ArtWorks Open, selected by Emma Talbot/Alex Schady, LDN
2019   Perpetual Shift, the Koppel Project, LDN
2019   B, Belmacz, LDN
2019   neo:art prize, recipient of neo art prize, Bolton, UK
2019   Tall Tales of the Kitchen Kelpies' soup, RawLabs, LDN
2019   Cherry Pickers, Podium, Luxembourg
2019   Pigs & Prawns, 4Cose, LDN
2019   RCA WIP Show, RCA, LDN
2018   The Ashtray Show West, Belmacz, LDN
2018   Bauchgefühl, PILOTENKUECHE, Leipzig, GR
2018   Fälschung/Fake, Krudebude, Leipzig, GR
2018   The Pool, Alte Handelsschule, Leipzig, GR
2018   Cabin Pressure, Ping Pong, Leipzig, GR
2018   Studioless, Incheon Art Platform, South Korea
2017   The Mall, Croydon Art Store, LDN
2017   The Ashtray Show, 4Cose, LDN
2017   CUVETE, organised by Snow Cannon, Aveiro, Portugal
2017   Creekside Open, selected by Alison Wilding, A.P.T Gallery, LDN